28 Aug 2017

New Android app changes

We've made some updates to our Android app. 

Here's what we've been up to, we think you'll like it!

  1. Heart rate recording. Record any paired BLE heart rate monitor (Polar H7/H10, Wahoo TICKR etc). Our app wil display your heart rate in real time, and also record it for later review in our analytics portal (training zone graph, plots against stroke rate and speed etc)
  2. Heart rate training zone display, while recording your heart rate in app, the app will change the background color of the heart rate display cell to reflect your training intensity. Just make sure you have you birth year set in the app settings. We use the following table for our zones: 
    1. heart_rate_zones

  3. Activity Feeds. We now have a new intial view in the app. Its the same view you see in our analytics portal, giving you a quick view of what you and the rowers you follow have been up to. If you have an EmPower oarlock, you'll see the average Watts for the session. You'll also see the fastest 500m split for the track as well Name, Date, training distance and training time. Its a great view to see how you're going against your friends (no one likes to have the slowest 500m split!)
    1. Screenshot_2017-08-27-12-16-22

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