09 Oct 2017

Live Regatta

We have all been to regattas where you can't see what's going on. All the action is up the river or around the bend and you don't know when your team will arrive at the finish line And most of the exciting racing has taken place before you can see the boats.
We have seen olympic rowing solve this by having cameras track the boats all the way along the course, however for amateur regattas this is rarely possible due to both logistics and economics. We aim to change that, by providing an affordable alternate.
This year, we are offering free of charge at every regatta, our Live View product. 
For fans, supporters and coaches, this will provide real time tracking on where each boat is and how fast they are currently travelling and their last 500 meter splits. This allows parents, supporters and coaches to know when crew is going to cross the finish line so they can cheer them on.
Regatta Promo
For supporters that are not on site, they can watch the progress of their crew from their couch, office or garden from their mobile device - this is an actual example that happened last year at Head Of The Mitchell, one parent was at the regatta while the other was in Melbourne watching via their mobile. The goal is to bring the action to the supporter, no matter where they are.
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Through our analytics platform we can also pull out interesting data around boat traffic movement (to find marshalling bottle necks), the current location of every boat on the water at any point in time or the actual route and distance travelled by each boat (great for awarding a fun prize for the longest/shortest distance travelled).
If you are interested in bringing the crowds back to your regatta, register your regatta here.

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