Once you've downloaded and installed our iOS app on your iPhone, you'll need to set it up so its linked to your portal ("Rowlytics") account. 

The first thing the app will do is run you through a quick tutorial. The next step is that it will ask you to either login to your account, or create a new one. You'll need one to perform analysis or do things like regatta live stats.

To get to the app settings, open the app and then press settings button in the top tool bar, the one that looks like a gear.

Here's a description of the various settings:



The help button will open this website on your phone, a quick way to get back here if you need to.


Boat name

The name to tag your files when uploaded. You can edit this via the Rowlytics portal later on if you need to.

Mounting Mode

How you mount your phone to your boat, very important to get this right as we use it to identify strokes etc.

Modes are as follows:

Rowing: You've mounted your phone to your boat in landscape orientation so you can look at it like an Erg display, and the screen is facing on the direction of travel

Coxwain: You've mounted your phone to your boat in landscape orientation so you can look at it like an Erg display, and the screen is facing away from the direction of travel

Pace distance

Select the distance you'd like to use to calculate your pace with, i.e. 500m split times, 1000m split times etc.

Keep Me Safe

Turn on the Keep Me Safe function, allowing people to see where you are when you train. For more information, see the KMS help guide here.

Dark color scheme?

Inverts the screens display colors, i.e. white text on a dark background.

Speed in m/s??

On (default) to display your speed in mteres per second. Tur this setting off to display speed in km/h

Disable screen sleep?

Turn this setting on to prevent your iphone from dimming/turning off the screen. If you want to see your stats on the screen as you train, you'll want this setting turned on.


Regatta/Live View section

Enable LiveView

If you've entered your Rowlytics account username and password correctly, turning this setting on will send live data straight to our portal. Speed, pace, stroke rates and strokes profiles are all sent every time the app sees a stroke. A coach can then view this from anywhere in the world. You'll also need internet access from your phone.

Regatta Name

If your participating in a Regatta and using the app to transmit live stats for the crowd to cheer you on, set the regatta name here. It needs to match the name the Regatta organisers gave you exactly or the data will simply disappear. Regatta mode transmits the same data as Livew View, except for stroke profiles. It uses around 1mb of data per hour under normal usage. You'll also need internet access from your phone.

Regatta boat name

Enter the name you'd like your boat to be called when people watch you on the regatta page.



Enter your Rowlytics username you registered with.


Enter your Rowlytics password you registered with.

Auto sync

Selected by default, on pressing the stop button, if you have an internet connection, the app will upload your training piece to our portal for analysis. 1hour of training equals approximately 1mb of data.


Use coreMotion?

You can turn off the coremotion function in iPhones that support it. This will give you mariginally better battery life, but to the detriment of recording accuracy. Leave it on to get the best possible data.

Enhanced GPS?

By default the app uses the best possible GPS data rate and accuracy. You turn this setting off to allow the next worst level of GPS data. You'll get better battery life, but GPS readings that just arent as good!

Show welcome tutorial?

Maybe you'd like to see the welcome screens again, flick this on to experience it all over again